If you’d like to meet a special person, then this web site is designed just for you. Like most people, you probably realize there are a lot of choices when it comes to online matchmaking and dating online. Probably the biggest concern however, can be boiled down to this question: “Can I really find someone who I am compatible with by joining an online dating site?” The simple answer to that question is Yes, you definitely can!

Below we’ve reviewed 6 of the top online dating sites and have written a short description about each one. We think you’ll find these to be reputable, quality dating sites that will absolutely provide you with the venue to find a new friend, or meet someone who is just right for you.



A great site that makes it very easy to search and find someone you’d like to find out more about. One of the popular features MegaFriends offers is know as “private call.” This allows you to actually talk with someone privately and get to know them easily and quickly.

If you’re a Christian and would prefer meeting someone with similar standards then this site is worth considering. Single Christian Network is unique in that it offers Free Chat with people your own age and a 10 day Free trial.


Goodbye loneliness hello new friends! NewFriends4u is a great site to visit and make new friends; especially if you’re from Europe or have visited some of the great cities on the Continent. A cool feature offered is to be matched up with a Sports Companion…someone who shares an interest in the same sports team as you. An easy and natural way to break the ice…

Here’s an interesting site. Men, have you every visited Russia and found the women there to be beautiful? This
web site offers you the opportunity to get to know some of these talented and attractive women. No, they’re not just looking for a way out of Russia…these women are talented and educated…they are however, interested in finding someone with compatible tastes and interests… <

Are you a man or woman in uniform?  This just may be the site that you need.  Whether you serve in the Armed Forces, Police Force, Fire Dept. or are a member of a Medical Staff, this site can match you up.  This is the premier dating site for the uniformed and emergency services, or those seeking a date in uniform.



Did you ever go out to a restaurant, bar, library, supermarket or nightclub, and see someone you really were attracted to—but you didn’t say or do anything to make that connection? Was it from shyness, fear of rejection, a too-good-to-be-true attitude, or low self-esteem? You are not alone… lets you put your best foot forward every time. This is how it works: You simply select a photograph that best represents you. You then fill out an easy Online Profile form that best describes who you are, as well as what type of person and relationship you are looking for. Once you’ve done this, you are set to effortlessly surf one of the most extraordinary Picture Personal Websites on the Net. 

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